Taxation in the EU

What is a VAT (ID)?
A VAT number, also called a VAT identification number (VAT ID), is a unique identifier used to recognize the customer as a taxable person when trading goods...
Wed, 5 Apr, 2023 at 4:35 PM
Is it possible to sell in Europe without a VAT number?
Yes, you can sell in European countries without a VAT ID using our services. 
Wed, 5 Apr, 2023 at 4:35 PM
I participate in the OSS (One Stop Shop) procedure; why do I still need a VAT ID for the intra-Community supply?
According to EU tax laws, if you receive goods from another EU country, you may need to declare the purchase and pay taxes in your country. You cannot do t...
Wed, 5 Apr, 2023 at 4:36 PM
What requirements should I meet to enable merchOne to invoice an intra-Community supply VAT-exempt?
To enable merchOne to invoice an intra-Community supply VAT-exempt, you must enter a valid VAT ID in your company profile. The VAT ID must meet the followi...
Wed, 5 Apr, 2023 at 4:36 PM
What do I do if an existing VAT ID was not entered in the company profile at the time of my order?
merchOne will verify if the supply can be invoiced VAT-exempt, if both of the following conditions are met:  1. You enter the existing VAT ID in your ...
Mon, 13 Nov, 2023 at 9:26 AM
How is my tax rate calculated?
The VAT rate charged for your order depends on various factors, including whether you have a valid EU VAT ID number and which country it is registered in, ...
Wed, 5 Apr, 2023 at 4:36 PM