Integrate your merchOne online store seamlessly with the Teeinblue App and add a unique, personalized dimension to your digital product offerings.


1. Log in to your merchOne account and connect API to Teeinblue.
2. Access Stores and create a new store by clicking  Create under Create your custom store.

3. Please enter the desired Store Name and URL (Shopify domain), select the selling region, and click the Create button.


4. Once you are done, access the store Settings to get the API KEY.

5. Scroll down to the Store credentials section, to find API USER and API KEY.

6. Copy the API KEY and paste it into the Teeinblue application.

7. On the same page in the Teeinblue portal, copy the Webhook URL.

8. Go back to the merchOne platform and paste the Webhook.

9. Make sure to Save your updates in merchOne and Teeinblue App.