1. Access your store, find the product you want to edit, then click the three dots on the right. Select Edit Product Information to edit the product details or Edit Design to update the product design. 


2. Select Edit Product Information to change the product title, description, tags and prices.  



NoteYou can set the markup in % or EUR/USD, and the system will automatically calculate and update the markup and price. 

3. Click the Save button on the upper right corner to apply your changes. 

4. The Edit Design button enables you to change the design of an existing product by redirecting you to the configurator.  

5. Once redirected, you will see all the variants configured. Click Edit next to each size to change the current setup of a variant.    

6. Edit the variant as neededthen click Save next to the variant size. When you’re done, click Save Changes on the top right corner of the page to create or update the product with all its edited variants.