You can create new products directly from your API store by following a few simple steps. 

1. Access Stores from your dashboard, click on the three dots on the right side, select View Store.  


2. Click the New Product button in the upper right corner. 


3. Select the product you want to configure by clicking on it. 


4. You will be redirected to our configurator. Now click Upload your artwork or Proceed without image.  


Note: Proceed without image allows you to create layers without having a background. 

5. Select the image and configure it as desired, then click the Save button located next to the variant size.  


6. From the right side of your screen, select the variant you’d like to sell, customize it, then click Save.  

7. Repeat the process described in step #6 for each variant that you want to add. 


Note: Edit allows you to modify a variant which has been already configured. Once the product is updated, make sure to click Save next to the variant size.

8. Once you have configured all the variants, click Create Product. 



9. You will see your product with the status Unpublished. To publish it, click on the three dots on the right, then select Publish. 


10. The product status will change to Published, which means that the product you have created together with all its variants, is now synchronized with your Shopify store and you can make it available for purchase.   

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11. To add a new product, go back to your Store and click on the New Product button.